QTPOC (Queer & Trans People of Color) Design is an organization empowering LGBTQ+ designers of color with education, mentorship, and networking opportunities.



Say goodbye to the high cost of bootcamp prices! We provide free UX and UI bootcamp classes for LGBTQ+ designers of color. Currently, we are building our online courses, getting ready to launch in a few months. If you are interested to be a part of our test pilot cohort, submit an application.

Mentorship & Career Coaching

Want interview or portfolio advice? Thinking about changing careers? We offer monthly Zoom calls for our LGBTQ+ designers of color to answer all of your design industry and professional questions. Check out our latest event below.

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July 21, 2020 7:00pm (digital)


Fun & Events

Stay tuned for hangouts or networking nights. Connect with other QTPOC designers from all around the world.


Oh, what! Check out our QTPOC Design Spotify playlist!

Interested to help out? We would love to have you!
Email us at info@qtpoc.design with your information. 

Corporate Partnerships

From recruiting to diversity training, we can help your company to hire, retain, and grow your LGBTQ+ designers of color. Connect with us through email at info@qtpoc.design.


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